- January 29, 2022

5 Simple Steps On How To Learn Crochet As A Starter

Crocheting is a type of knitting which involves a long-handled hook to create designs by making loops using strands of yarn. Thereby you can produce various types of fabric in different colors.

Nevertheless, to begin crocheting, you need to first learn the art of how to crochet and how to use the materials you need to proceed with crocheting. Read below to find out how crocheting can be learned and how you can be an expertat it eventually.

1. Be aware of the different types of yarn

As mentioned above, yarns are one of the main items needed to make a crochet design. But yarns are of several types that you can use to crochet. Each yarn serves a different purpose and the type of yarn used is dependent on the type of task you are going to engage in.

Soft acrylic yarn, cotton yarn, novelty yarn, stretch yarn, and metallic yarn are some well-known types of yarn used in crochet. As a first-timer,it is best to use soft acrylic or cotton yarn to practice crocheting. Moreover, make use of bright-colored yarns so that you can observe clearly for yourself how the stitches are created.

2. Choose the right hook size

If you already do not have crocheting hooks, there is a manner in which hooks are purchased based on the type of yarn used.

You can check the label of the yarn you buy and make note of the size of hook you are supposed to use for that specific yarn. In case you already have a hook at home, use thin hooks with thin yarns and thick hooks with thick yarns to produce a good outcome.

3. Learn easy crochet designs

When you are willing to learn how to crochet, you cannot directly learn the complex patterns done using crochet yarns and hooks.

So, you have to train yourself to be able to do the basic crochet designs. Hence, you can learn from someone who is an expert in crocheting or watch videos that demonstrate crochet for beginners all by yourself.

4. Learn how to hold the crochet hook

There is not a right in which you need to hold the hook when doing crochet. But you need to ensure that you hold it specifically that is comfortable for you and not end up getting hand pain.

Hold your hook in a manner that the handle of the hook rests against your palm just like how you would hold a pencil or a pen. This way you can minimize cramps and crochet comfortably without much hassle.

5. Practice crocheting whenever possible

Once you have learned how basic crochet patterns are made how a crochet hook handle can be held properly, do not stop there. Immediately practice crocheting with the yarns and hook you have.

To begin, make a test sample without stitching any specific pattern because you are still learning. This way you can also have an idea if you want your stitch to be tight or loose. After making the sample, start making different designs such as single or double crochets. Once you ace in the basic patterns, gradually learn and start making advanced crochet designs that can even be used to adorn your household.

Crochet is an interesting form of craft that can be done by using only yarns and hooks. You need to have patience and dedication as a beginner as it can be difficult at the start.

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