- May 22, 2021


There is quite the stigma around using physiotherapy for backpain treatment because ‘physiotherapy is for chronic treatment, or for “serious” issues, and definitely not for some menial achy back you got because you lifted the water filter wrong.’

The problem is, if it lasts too long, it could turn chronic and suggest a more serious underlying health issue, and home remedies just might not cut it. Then it is advisable to obtain help from experts. Back pain Geelong can assist you and guide you in obtaining information in this regard.

Before you go for a session of physiotherapy though, make sure you wear something comfortable, you’re sure to be moving around a lot!

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is physical therapy, or treatment to make sure your mobility, functionality and well-being are maintained, or restored back to how it should be if it isn’t quite right just yet. This doesn’t mean you should only go if you’ve had a hip replacement, or your years are catching up to you and you suffered a ghastly heart attack.

Even if it’s just an old achy back that has given you terrible pain for more than a week, its best to get medical attention to make sure you’re not having any serious underlying health issue.

Why would you pay money to go get physical therapy when you can treat it at home, you say?

1.    Curated Care, just right for you.

You are guaranteed care by professional experts in the field. This isn’t an all-purpose flour kind of situation, where you can use it to fix just about any kind of dough. Your details will be taken into account when diagnosing your ailments including how your body tends to respond to certain movements.  

2.    May not need to book an Operating Theater, after all.

A last resort to restoring your ailing body should be surgery. Physical therapy is one of the most hands-on approaches to try and resolve back pain in a proper manner, and physiotherapists are just the doctors qualified to help you do that.

3.    Less achy, more shaky.

The right treatment will help you target how best to solve that cumbersome backpain you have through observing how you walk, run, sit, get up, lay down, etc. You may just have a walk in the park doing everyday things while your physiotherapist diagnoses how best you can do certain actions to directly tackle the pain.

4.    Lessens the danger of risking further injury.

If any of your day-to-day actions play a part in the root cause behind your back pain, by not getting it checked and corrected you will only increase the risk you run of making that ache worse. If there are certain day-to-day actions you are required to do at your home, work or elsewhere, you will be recommended exercises that take into account all of these and best fit your cycles of movement.

5.    Funky music, we are back.

Physiotherapists will not only treat you for your pain and help you recover; they observe until they find the root cause for that pain so it goes away once and for all. This help restore your body’s mobility back to how it should have been originally – just fine and ready to say ‘play that funky music, whiteboy’.

As you can see, physiotherapy is nothing to ignore. If you’ve got that achy back, you might as well get some proper care for it because let’s face it, messing with your spine and related muscles is no easy joke.

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