- March 4, 2022

4 Ways Pockets Elevate Your Outfit

This one is for the ladies. Men seem to have all the fun when it comes to pockets. Where else, women face utter and absolute disappointment when even a pair of jeans sometimes comes without pockets. Why do you think us girls get so excited when a dress has pockets?

Because it is such a rare occurrence when it comes to ladies’ outfits. It’s like designers think that girls don’t need to have them, when in fact ladies have more things, they need to carry and incorporating pockets into an outfit would be highly beneficial for them. Here are 4 ways pockets can elevate your whole look both aesthetically and practically:

1.      Say Bye to the Bag

Carrying a hand-bag can be such a nuisance sometimes. Having a heavy bag to carry is worst feeling in the world. It can feel as if your shoulder could drop off at any moment. Having the chance to downsize on what is in your bag would be a dream.

Well, pockets can help in fulfilling that dream. Sometimes you may not even have to carry around a handbag and have the opportunity to stuff those pockets with some lipstick, your credit card and your phone, then you will have all you need before you go out and no bothersome bag to think about along the way.

2.      Quick Access

Have you ever been in a place where there is a sign that says “keep your phone on silent”, and at the worst possible moment you can hear your ringtone blaring through the pin drop silence in the bag. Then panic sets in and the next thing you know is that you are fumbling about in your bag desperately trying to find your phone and switch it off.

This situation could be handled quicker and with less embarrassment when the phone is stored in your pocket. All you would have to do is grab your phone from your pocket and cut the phone or put it on silent mode within seconds. The same is true when you are at the cashier. Cash in the pocket is way easier to pay with than searching about in your purse. If you are on a casual stroll ensure that you buy the best leggings with pockets for this.

3.      Rad Designs

Pockets can come in all shapes and sizes. And designers can really test out their artistic flow with pockets on a basic outfit. Imagine how cool a pair of blue jeans would look with floral patterned pockets. It would elevate the outfit completely and keep you on the floral trend of 2022. Similarly, pockets can be a quirky addition to your outfit and you can hit the streets looking totally stylish.

4.      The Surprise Effect

Doesn’t almost everybody love surprises? Specially a financial one! Have you not reached out into your pocket and found some loose change or an extra $20? I mean if not, continue putting clothes with pockets until you do and you never know when you will be surprised with some extra cash at hand or a lipstick you have been searching for in the last 3 months.

Maybe this year opt for more outfits with pockets and enjoy these benefits!

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